Hard as they are, the tough parts of changing relationships isn’t recognising the issue or even coming up with a solution.

We know we have to change, we know what to change, but actually changing – on a Friday afternoon when we’re not thinking about it, on a wet Wednesday when it’s soooo much easier to slide back into old habits – actually putting the plan into action. That’s the hard bit.

So start with openness; go public. Share the plan with everyone around you, anyone impacted. Be explicit. Lay out the roles, reporting lines, the new operating method. Enlist their help.

Now everyone will be watching. Stop telling and start showing.

Stop operating on a grace and favour basis, stop circumventing the role, the responsibilities, the team around you. Keep everyone in the loop, fulfil on commitments, honour reporting lines.

And if you slip, get back on the horse.

Skippy Strategy: Fresh recruit or old retainer: clarity and delivery.

Part 4 tomorrow.