June 3, 2021

Check all egos


The problem with people who don’t bring their team with them is, no matter how good the ideas, they’ll never make the impact they think they should, they’ll find every effort slower going that they believe it should, and they’ll come up against resistance that they find difficult to understand and impossible to blow through. If they work for you, you have to go to bat for them and you’ll find you’re more of a slogger than a slugger. If you work for them, be prepared for the kind of frustration and delay that are politely knows as business case reviews and scheduling problems. If they are you, you have other problems.

The differentiating attribute isn’t brilliance, isn’t insight, isn’t deeper research or an inside track. It’s the ability to work with others, without ego, to make the project successful.

Skippy strategy: Check all egos at the door.