August 31, 2020

Closer and tighter


Sometimes it hard to put your finger on it. In there, somewhere, a loose word, an unfinished thought … this is the one … or … this isn’t the one. Finding and bringing new people into the team is not a science, not at the interesting level anyway. It’s not just about experience, although that matters, it’s not all about skillset bingo, although it pays to pay attention, it’s not simply about work ethic and attitude, although they better have ‘em. It’s about all of those things, but not only those things.

Beyond all that, beyond science and objectivism and metrics, it’s about fit. And fit is a feeling. Will this person add a positive dynamic to this team? Will this team be stronger, as a team, with this new member? Will the team pull closer and tighter or push itself into corners?

Skippy strategy: It’s at least as much about your gut.