December 7, 2015

Coming together


Day-to-day madness. The never-ending need to keep doing what you’re doing just to stay where you are. A to-do list that’s more like recycling. Everyone’s head is down, going about their business. Running hard just to stand at the bottom of the hill. Whatever happened to ebb and flow?

It’s easy to forget that a collections of colleagues is supposed to be a team, that there’s an alternative to vibrating in space, that change can be action rather than reaction.

Only if you make it happen.

If it’s too long since you took time out together to reflect and plan, today is day to set thing up.

Organise a coming together, a day to stand still, to honour what’s passed and look to what’s coming, to invent a hill and work out how to build it.

Skippy Strategy: Plan the next away day. Who, when, where, what, why, how?