July 7, 2019

Commitments for others


Everybody makes commitments for themselves. From finishing the presentation to completing the prototype to fixing the tap this weekend. It all counts and it all has to fit in the time available.

Some people get to make commitments for others. The managers for their team, the salespeople for their companies, the heads for their departments, the marketeers for the brand. They have the position, they have the authority and they have the responsibility – all of which they’ve earned from their track record in making smart choices before.

One of the success criteria is making sure, before they give their team’s commitment, that their promises are within the bounds of both the possible and the sensible.  The first should be easy for all but the freshest new manager, the second can be a more delicate blend of prior commitments and social capital. Tread wisely.

Skippy strategy: Think before you commit your team.