June 10, 2019



Trust is something you give when you think it’s deserved.

That means, at the beginning, you probably take things at face value and go from there. After that, it depends on how well you feel the other person has done with your trust. If they’ve misused, abused, politicked, you’ll learn from that. If they’ve lived up to your personal definition of trustworthy, you’ll learn from that.

In other words, everything they say and do from the first time you trust them onwards … you’ll learn from that.

As with all things human, it works the other way too.

If someone takes you at face value and you treat them with respect, justify their trust, keep confidences and never use what they’ve told you against them (or drop them in it with someone else) … they’ll learn from that.

Skippy strategy: Face in two directions? Everybody learns from what they find.