February 13, 2024

Curate the team building


The act of building a team isn’t the just about adding team members to the circle. The building part isn’t about the humans involved, it’s about the actions taken to turn them into a team.

One philosophy – laissez-faire – throw them in the ring and let them work it out. It’s not something we’re taught in management school but it’s the way most teams seem to do it. You know, someone joins then spends six months/years working out on their own where they fit and how best to interact with everyone else. Sometimes it works, sometimes they bounce out – most times it happens slower than we’d like.

Another way – intentional – curate the process. Not just onboarding, but where we spend time, as a team, talking together about life, the universe and how we each can get the best from each other. Taking active steps to accelerate along Tucker’s forming, storming, norming, and performing continuum.

Skippy strategy: Intentional, every time.