December 18, 2016

Diplomatic, direct, definitive


Some people find ways to irritate and annoy.

What happens next depends on scale and frequency.

If it’s toothpaste-cap small, most of us just ride it out, even if it’s every day.

If it’s fingernails on a blackboard, we’re probably going to say something, and that’ll fix most issues.

When it’s persistent or causes disruption, you have to take it in hand and deal with it.

If they’re outside your organisation, you have some obvious options.

If they’re inside, be diplomatic, then direct, then definitive. Good people, the kind you want around, will be glad you told them (although probably not right away). The others, maybe it was time to use the sorting hat anyway.

If it’s your boss, same process, although the outcome probably gets worse before it gets better.

And if you don’t deal with it, who should you be really annoyed with?

Skippy strategy: Diplomatic, direct, definitive.