December 16, 2017

Dirty opinions


Shhh. Some people actually enjoy meetings.

Not all of the time.

Not the round-robin update meetings which are like a creeping death waiting for your turn to talk about things that everyone who cares already knows, and you know will bore everyone else.

Not the presentational ones which feel more like a dictatorial attempt to get everyone indulging in checked-out happy-talking groupthink.

Not the never-ending circular ones where what we’re talking about this hour is the same as we talked about last hour, last month, last year – zen and the art of repetition.

No. What they enjoy are meetings with a collision of ideas without knowledge of the consequences. Where there’s organisation without orchestration. Where the purpose is extracting value and making better decisions and connections. Where branching is encouraged, where participants get their opinions dirty, and everyone loves a surprising conclusion.

Skippy strategy: Better meetings – ideas without knowledge of consequences.