March 6, 2020

Disjointed nosee


Every now and again, someone on your team will get their nose out of joint.

Some perceived slight, an actual injustice, a little lack of respect (or maybe misplaced), lack of credit, a cut too close to the bone, a joke gone astray. Whether it’s real or not, justified or not, annoying or not, one thing’s for sure … it’s disruptive.

The disjointed nosee will pull back, those around them will fear of broken eggshells. Both ways, the team isn’t fully engaged, isn’t sharing, is zigging when it should be zagging.

If you’re nervous of entering the danger, and have enough time for the clock to be the ultimate healer, stand back and wait.

For the rest (all) of us, call it out. With humanity and respect, put their nose where it ought to be. Deal with any slights. Get everyone back on the team.

Skippy strategy: Call it out.