October 26, 2020

Disruption waxes


It happens to all of us. One of our team, a once perfect fit, is no longer in the right place at the right time. The team grows around them and they’re left behind, they outgrow the team and need a bigger pond, their skillset is now too general or too specialised in the face of changing demands, their interest wanes and their disruption waxes.

There’s no hiding. Everybody sees it, everyone talks about it, and all of them are waiting for you to do something to fix it. So do something. Arm around the shoulder maybe, constructive feedback certainly, as direct as you can … this is what’s expected. Give them a chance, two chances. Not three. The longer you leave a disturbance in the force the more impact it has and the less doubt you’ll benefit from.

Skippy strategy: By the time everybody knows, you should have acted.