October 11, 2017

Dissolved into cash


Finding and hiring good people is the best part of management but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. First there’s the finding part – which can take months (so alway be looking) – then there’s the hiring part – which has prickly moments (so treat the process with soft gloves).

The prickly moments come around the package, and the prickliest of all centre on the questions that can easily be dissolved into cash – salary, bonus, benefits – and how that compares to where they are now.

Assuming you’re offering a great job in a fantastic location with plenty of autonomy and incredible prospects (or not) – it feels like getting nickel and dimed and can make you doubt that they get it, that they’re showing enough desire. That they are the one.

Two things: adding the nickel and the dime, do they fit the affordability envelope; are they a great fit?

Skippy strategy: Look past the negotiation.