April 11, 2020

Do it myself


Anyone who started as a team of one learns to be self reliant. Nobody else to think, nobody else to do the work, nobody to collaborate with, no sounding board, no one else. And no surprise we trust our instincts and our ability to get things done.

Then the world turns, and the self reliance begats growth, and the growth begats gaps and we find the kind of people who can fill in the spaces. We’re still self reliant, (it’s what makes us who we are) but we have plenty of people to rely on.

That slither of darkness, between what’s happening in our head and what’s in theirs. Maybe you weren’t clear, maybe their way is different, maybe you didn’t stop and think (maybe they do know what they’re doing) … I’ll just do it myself.


Let them climb the stairs.

Skippy strategy: Don’t act like a lone ranger.