September 7, 2019

Do they know?


There’s someone on the team who isn’t quite pulling in the same direction as everyone else. Maybe it’s something about their work ethic. Maybe they’re working on a different agenda, or their own agenda. Sometimes it feels like they’re on the outside not looking in. It certainly feels like they’re on a different page.

If that’s not a problem – because they’re only nominally part of the team and are actually doing solo work in association – keep on truckin’.

If it is a problem, first thing is to work out … do they know? Do they know what you want from them and how they need to behave?

If they don’t … it’s on you to clarify what it means to be part of the team.

If they do … it’s on you to show the team comes first.

Skippy strategy: Whether they know or not, it’s on you.