January 27, 2016

Doing it with friends

Friendly fish

There are times when the path isn’t only hidden, you wouldn’t even recognise it if you found it. When you’re searching for a start more than a finish. North? South? I dunno.

Chewing things over always helps. Doing it with friends helps more.

There’s only one rule, and the right kind of thinking buddy gets it instinctively … go wide before going narrow.

Craziness is good. Big ideas are good. Unfiltered nonsense is good. What ifs are good. We could do … and do … and do …

Divergent. Impractical. Expansive.

All good.

Only when the whiteboard is full and the dust has settled should you look for the path.

Different kinds of thinking, different kinds of friends.

Convergent. Practical. Narrow.

Different kind of help means different kind of helper.

Skippy Strategy: Build this team like any other, matching the what to the who.