November 30, 2023

Don’t protect


When you do things for the first time, you make mistakes. Slowly, stumble after tumble, you learn to stay on your pins and make fewer prat falls. You still cock things up, just not so much. As as you learn, you understand that surprises are around every corner, that speed bumps aren’t insurmountable, that bumps and bruises heal, that the lessons are part of the process.

If you’re smart … you jump back up, dust yourself down, give yourself a break and get on with the next step.

It’s the only way you’ll truly learn. As for you, so for everyone else.

Every team will make mistakes. Don’t protect them from themselves, don’t berate them when they’re down, don’t stop them from trying.

Encourage them to make their own decisions, support them when they fall and help them learn from the consequences.

Skippy strategy: Let them learn.