March 20, 2020

End of the whip


When we’re at the end of the whip, we’re least in control. Unable to make decisions on our own, thrown about by customers, push around by circumstance, it’s not a comfortable experience and we’re likely to squeal. Best case, we find a way out. Worst case, we take the hand we’re dealt and find some way of cheating the deck.

That’s how we react, that’s how everyone else reacts too. No one, no one likes to be cracked by a snapping line. No one likes to feel totally out of their own control. No one takes it willingly.

Don’t crack the whip. Find another way.

The easiest way to work out how to make your team effective is to ask them how. Sure, you’ll get some happy talk and bad ideas, but the secret to building a team is to treat them like a team.

Skippy strategy: Ask for help.