March 31, 2019

End on time


Let’s invent a checklist for running a skippy meeting:

– Get the right people into the room. Which is as much about who you don’t bring in as who you do.

– Have an objective. And make sure there’s consensus on what the objective means.

– Agree a start time that works in the planning and means something in the having.

– Open by giving context (objective and purpose) and setting the stage (agenda and housekeeping).

– Be clear about roles. Is this a committee, who is is the facilitator, the note taker, how will decisions be made?

– Keep on point, honour interesting distractions by visibly parking them for later.

– Squeeze for value, and keep dominating voices in check.

– Summarise the outcomes, check in against the objective, agree the actions, clarify communication channels for who needs to know what about what just happened.

– End on time, or early.

Skippy strategy: Make meetings make sense.