January 6, 2019

Even management


If the work is a commodity that could be performed by any reasonably trained and averagely motivated individual, process is king. Put Tab A into Slot B, repeat, repeat, repeat. And in reality, that’s probably most of the work that gets done in the world.

But it’s not our world. Our world is of change, the new, the reinvented. Where, by definition, this hasn’t been done before. 

For comfort, we wrap it up in systems that promise excellence: change systems, project systems, personnel systems, communications systems, systems systems.

The systems have merit – and can add value – but not blind. Our job is to find the pieces of the systems that connect the dots and help the process, not to believe the systems are themselves a black-box that will do the management for us. 

People do the real work, including management.

Skippy strategy: The right tool, honed for the job.