January 5, 2019

Even smarter


You may be right.

That thing you’re thinking about? You might have worked through all the scenarios, played out all the possible strategies right down to the eighth rank, seen far enough into the nest of unintended consequences to be sure that … you nailed it.

Most times, it doesn’t take anywhere near as much effort as that. Most times, make a quick decision, get on with it, deal with what you find. Good enough.

At the very beginning of things when a small error in direction will cause wide and expensive discrepancies at the end, and anytime the cost in time and cash and talent is high enough … the stakes are higher. 

What did you miss?

Add some network effects. Find five smart people who aren’t dependent on making you happy, and squeeze them for value.

Skippy strategy: Smart as you are, a few more people may be even smarter.