June 13, 2020

Everybody learns

Colorado River

Experience comes from doing things, sometimes well, often badly. Over time, over many cock-ups and plenty of good days and bad days we learn the lessons and start to get value from all that effort. Muscle memory is amazing, and we naturally get better every time just by repetition, but we learn more and we learn faster if we take the time to think about what went right and what went wrong.

In teams, everyone has their own perspective, and everyone contributed parts – and gained experience – that no one knows about. Everybody learns, but everybody learns more and learns faster if the knowledge is shared.

Sit them down, with a whiteboard, and let them tell the stories that they’ll tell for years.

Skippy strategy: At the end of the work, after the project, when everyone’s had enough time to get over the effort and find some perspective … talk about it.