July 23, 2021

Everything slows


When you have the a role filled with the wrong person everything slows down. 

If it’s a simple skills gap, the main costs are time and quality, with one or both slipping depending on the level of latitude allowed. Either things back up if the quality is fixed, or quality slides if time is the factor that counts. Working together, you’ll back fill the issues until the skills gap is bridged.

If it’s a values gap, politicking comes to play, nobody helps, and everyone walks on egg shells.

In the worst case scenario, where skills are lacking and values are out of whack, you have a perfect storm. There’s unlikely to be much mucking in together, the gaps will be obvious and the chasms will get wider.

What to do? Protect the person or spend energy holding things together.

Skippy strategy: Make sure always to have the right person.