February 21, 2020

Extend every meeting


Let’s say it was a good meeting. The entire agenda completed, debates expanded and closed, conclusions come to and decisions made. Along the way, someone was taking notes and some of those notes were actions. All is good with the world, thanks for being here, now back to the day job.

This scenario describes that we spent some time in each other’s company, we had a nice chat, and it felt like a productive use of time. What it generally actually means is anything other than productive because the day job overwhelms all the good (and mid-meeting woolly) intentions, and all we’re left with is the nice chat.

Take the normally-missing final step: whiteboard, together, what was agreed and what commitments were made. In ten minutes: more discussion, clearer conclusions, actual commitments with actual deadlines.

Skippy strategy: Extend every meeting with ten same-page-getting commitment-creating minutes.