August 6, 2015

Facing Forward

Past Glory

Everyone faces forward.

To do lists beckon, deadlines looming, work to be done, research and preparation, meetings, meetings, milestones, next steps.

Everyone faces forward because forward demands attention. Backward dims in the dust behind.

Turn around for an hour. Peer through the haze.

Where were we a month ago? A year?

How did we get here? What highs and lows? Obstacles jumped? Problems solved? Brilliance and beavering? Late nights and lost weekends. Teamwork and tempers? What did we learn? How much did we grow? How tight have we grown?

In the middle of the journey when the path is hard and the end is “out there”, take a moment, turn around, and feed your team on the warmth and light of the journey so far.

Skippy Strategy: Team workers are fellow travellers. Before yet another hard stretch, long projects benefit from shared stories told around the camp fire.