December 3, 2017

Feeling responsible #1


If someone doesn’t feel responsible for something, it’s rare that they’ll bust a gut for it.

The easy way to destroy any sense of responsibility is to create mud about who is taking point.

Mud? When you send an email that calls for action from a cc list but doesn’t name The One, or when you run a side channel on someone who thought they were responsible.

Don’t throw actions into the wind (when everyone’s busy and no one is looking for yet more things to grab a hold of).

Don’t set a rabbit running and two dogs to chase it down (one gets there first, job done (good for you), when the second arrives, their wasted effort will teach them doubt you next time … and not bother).

Mud? Avoid-ability and doubt.

Skippy strategy: Who is responsible? Make it clear to all – including you.