December 4, 2017

Feeling responsible #2


If someone feels responsible, and they care, they’ll do whatever they can to pull it off.

Assuming for a moment that they have the necessary resources, it’s a twofer: they have to feel responsible; and, they have to care?

Just for a moment, question that assumption: do they have the necessary resources? To answer that, they (and you) have to consider both what’s necessary and what’s available.

Dealing in reality … do we have what it takes and can we focus it on the task at hand?

By the time they get to an affirmative, they’ll know it’s possible and how, they’ll know who’s involved and what they have to do, they’ll know the what and the where of the thing. And if it’s their plan – responsibility pretty much comes along for the ride.

The remaining question … do they care? … is between you.

Skippy strategy: A plan, a feeling, some care.