December 5, 2017

Feeling responsible #3


When you’re responsible, and it’s your team, it’s on you.

Somehow, you have to make it happen. How?

There’s some work you have to do yourself, stuff that’s explicitly in your remit and yours alone. You are responsible for the doing.

There’s some work you simply cannot do, stuff that’s explicitly outside of your skillset. You are responsible for resourcing, managing and holding accountable. An easy choice.

Then there’s the grey … stuff you can do, you might even be good at, but that should really be on someone else’s to-do list. You can add capacity in extremis but your first responsibility is the result, not the doing. Don’t jump in lightly – especially just because someone seems busy, especially just because someone seems cranky.

That’s not the work.

The primary role is about working with your people, not working around them.

Skippy strategy: Work with, not around your people.