December 7, 2018

Find ’em


It always comes down to one thing.

That one thing might be technology or political will or timing. It might. But the most common one thing is people. The right people in the right place with the right skills and attitude and training and work ethic and time and attention and desire to get it done. People.

You can’t do anything about the people on the other side of the table – you take whatever prickly pears you’re given and do the best you can.

On your side though – it’s time to put the work in now so you have everything in place when the time comes. And that, predictably, starts with making sure you have access to the right people. 

Find them, hire them, commit them and give them the tools for the job – which might mean a hammer … more likely the training and leadership.

Skippy strategy: It comes down to people.