October 9, 2015

Finding a way


There are times when you absolutely, no matter what, have to find a way for the other side to stay on side.

Like when you’re in a partnership and the only way you can get where you’re heading is by working together. Like when everyone has to pool resources to have enough resources. Like when one plus one equals forty-two.

And then, despite warm feet, stuff happens that feels like a full stop. They don’t want to leave, but can’t see a way to move forward.

The most important question: Do you both want to find a way? Really want to, even if it means discomfort along the path? No, really? Both?

After that, and assuming a yes, the next step is brutal honesty. What issues are you each dealing with, what is possible, how much pain can you take, what if we tried this, or this, or this, if I did this could you do that?

Work the problem. Together.

Getting through this phase isn’t a negotiation, it’s partnering. It binds you closer and makes you stronger.

And if it drives you apart, it was always going to happen. And the time to know that: sooner rather than later.

Every road is full of obstacles. Travelling together can be faster, but can be harder.

Skippy Strategy: When partnering gets tough, don’t retreat into a shell, open wider.