August 11, 2016

Firm ground


Your mind works in a logical flow.

Maybe not in the beginning, but as you work things out, you get a clear vision. D follows C follows B follows A. Easy. Immediate. Obvious.

Except it’s not.

No one thinks like you.

The upside: sparkling creativity and the sum is greater than the parts.

The downside: losing cohesion – as you motor on and they wonder what you’re up to.

So you plan together. The planning brings everyone back together, building buy-in as you invent the game as a team.

And even then, even in the planning, there’s always a moment or twenty where the process itself is messy, questioned, stuttering. Where the debate is about what to debate. Where everything seems dependent on everything else and you’re poking around to find firm ground.

Don’t expect immediate clarity. Fully commit to finding it.

Take the time. Push through.

Skippy strategy: Trust the process.