April 21, 2022

First step


Wouldn’t it be lovely if they took the first step? If that person who isn’t pulling their weight, or was missing their marks or was drowning without waving, if that person took the first step or raised their hand. The first step, like knuckling down or getting up to date or adding the extra effort that took them from good-enough to sparkly-bright. Raised their hand, like asking for help or acknowledging their weakness or identifying the issue and, taking the first step, did something about it.

Wouldn’t it be lovely? More likely, they won’t. Which means it’s your job. Raise your own hand, identify what you see and ask if you’ve missed something. Take the first step, like having the talk or taking the walk or moving the pieces. Or all of the above.

Skippy strategy: Don’t rely on hope that they’ll take the first step, take it yourself.