May 17, 2020

Fixed points


In the thick of the decision making, involved in every curve, it’s easy to miss others feeling lost – inching progress on the tactical day-to-day trail they find in front of their shoes without any sense of where they’re heading or what’s coming next.

Roadmaps show us the route we’re taking. How we’re getting from where we are to where we’re going and the fixed points on the way. We like them, product teams like them, customers like them, suppliers, partners, shareholders all like them. Directional, detailed enough to be useful, easy enough to be digestible.

The non obvious hidden benefit: what they don’t show. For every point on the roadmap, there are twenty or forty that didn’t make it, that have been sidelined or abandoned, or are already behind us and part of the journey.

Skippy strategy: The direction of travel, the progress, and the fixed points along the way.