September 18, 2020

Focus first


Some people are sensitive to criticism. Ok, we’re all sensitive to criticism. Some of us take it personally, find offence and get defensive. So what do you do? What do you do when you need to give constructive feedback that points toward a stronger conclusion?

Soft pedal? Leave it. Tip toe around the eggshells and not say the things that need to be said. The result, one un-offended colleague, and one less-effective or un-executable or un-committed project.

Take no prisoners. Say what you have to say regardless of reaction. Your responsibility is to the project and nobody’s sensitivities will get in the way. The result, a short-term win and the potential fir one of you leaving the team.

Focus first of the good. Find a separate opportunity, alone, to talk through the intention of the less good.

Skippy strategy: Two objectives – a good and finished project and a high-performing team.