March 18, 2019

For your team


Any manager who’s come from a subject matter background – sales, finance, marketing, operations, procurement, legal, development, anything (so, all of us) – has to find their style of management. Whilst there is clearly no right way to do it – where “do it” means getting the best performance from the team – there are certainly wrong ways at either end of the continuum.

At one end, dictatorship and micro-management. The weaknesses here isn’t necessarily the decisions of the dictator, it’s that the dictation precludes everyone else from their agency and good people will find somewhere else to shine their light.

At the other, laissez faire. It might feel benevolent and beneficial to let everyone get on with their thing, but you risk chaos, contrary directions, counterproductive actions, and confusion.

Somewhere between the two – clarity, cohesion, agency.

Skippy strategy: The style of management that works? Whatever works for your team (not for you).