March 6, 2018

Forget the hiring


There’s a job that needs doing. It’s not a small part of a larger thing, it’s a larger thing of its own. A whole job that demand full time attention. You’ve worked out that you need it, you’ve hired for it, you’ve filled the role … now what?

The identified-hole meets the real-world human-shaped skill-set – with the hopes and dreams and frailties and passions that come along for the ride.

Given that there’s supposed to be a match, keep an eye on the reality.

Does the role morph as it crystallises, does the skill-set live up to the billing, how good is the fit, how well does the organisation bend around the new responsibilities, is real life getting in the way, can this person do things differently or take on more?

Nothing is static. Keep an eye as everything flexes into shape.

Skippy strategy: Forget the hiring … what’s today’s reality.