Whether you’re putting your team together at the start, or building it as things develop, you’re dealing in alchemy. Looking for that special blend of ingredients and process that makes extraordinary things happen. Sadly, there’s no recipe to follow. It takes luck and gut and trial and error and time and attention. It takes different strokes, disparate disciplines and daily dialogue. And, as everyone gets to know each other, it takes a bucket of good will as you iron out the forming-storming wrinkles.

No matter who you’re hiring, one ingredient is fundamental … feeling it.

They have to feel the project, they have to get the idea you’re describing when you can’t describe it yourself, they have to be unprickly in uncertainty when you’re all groping around in the dark.

The test? When someone’s stumbling, they say, “Yes, and …” rather than “No, but …”

Skippy strategy: Everyone has to feel it.