August 17, 2021

From their mouths


You probably think you know what your team thinks about stuff. That you all agree on the state or relationships, the performance of their peers, the way of working and the strategy you’re following, the evolution of the product you’re producing or the process you’re building or the outputs you’re generating. You might even think everyone’s agreed on the number and cleanliness of the spoons in the kitchen.

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But wouldn’t you rather know for sure.

Every once in a while, without fanfare or too much (any) overthinking, knock out a staff survey. Ask them some obvious questions (are you clear on the strategy) and not so obvious (where you’re at, in three words only), ask for quantitive assessments of qualitative feelings (my voice is heard).

Most of all, consider what you learn, because you will learn lots.

Skippy strategy: From their mouths, survey your team.