December 1, 2016

Gang two


There’s your A team. The operators you trust to get things done on time on budget and at the right level of quality. Your go-tos. They do a good job for you and everyone else who asks. People notice. They’re the ones you put on the line when you need things to be done right.

Then there’s the others. Gang two. They’re ok or they wouldn’t be here, but they’re not so hot. Maybe it’s their manager, maybe it’s them, but somehow, nearly every time, they find a way to let things slip. Customers are disappointed when they hear they have to deal with this team. Everyone knows it, including them, and everyone has to up their game to compensate.

The smart money … get rid of the B players … hire more As.

If you don’t, everyone know which one you are.

Skippy strategy: Two A Gangs.