May 2, 2019

Get and give updates


Accepting that any one person has the potential to be below, at or above their own average … how to keep on the right side of the stick? 

There aren’t too many ingredients.

Hire well – which means trying to pick out intrinsically motivated candidates. The reality is out of your control; what you’re looking for is people who have the willingness to put the work in, consistently, even on their bad days.

Clear objectives – nobody likes working in the dark. We all like to know what we’re supposed to be doing and where it fits into the larger whole.

Candid feedback – give regular updates on their eternal question, how am I doing? Objectives have more impact if you get and give updates on progress along the way. Not just on the end goal, but the chosen path and the attitude with which it’s attacked.

Skippy strategy: Organise for above average performance.