April 15, 2016

Getting second guess-y


Before any team hits its straps it goes through a miserable phase when more than a little feels wrong.

It’s not that anyone’s doing a bad job or isn’t pulling their weight, it’s just that they’re not making progress or even pulling in the same direction. After the excitement at the start, reality kicked in and life became complicated. It’s all a bit disjointed and second-guess-y.

Are you sure about him? About her? Can he pull it off? Are they on the same page? What’s the plan anyway?

The danger? That focus turns inward.

That we spend time talking about each other and focusing on obstacles rather than talking about answers and focusing on the next step, then the next, then the next.

The going always gets tougher before it gets easier. Don’t let inevitable difficulties drag you off compass.

Skippy strategy: Focus outside more than inside.