August 16, 2015

Getting serious


It’s easy to enthuse when there’s no commitment involved. Would you recommend this can of beans? Absolutely.

That’s why opinion polls and “intention to buy” surveys waste our time.

It’s also easy to get enthusiastic when opportunity taps on the door. Someone says they want what can you bring on a journey – why not go for the ride?

Often, very often, the real price of passage is a lot more time, effort and money than the first conversation implied. Opportunities have a habit of only being realised at the end of long and winding roads.

Bear this in mind if you’re the one sending out invitations. People say “Yes,” without much thought.

Get serious as soon as possible and show (don’t just tell) them the kind of commitment you need. Call meetings, ask for input, hold them accountable.

When looking for partners, it doesn’t matter what they say, it matters what they do.

Skippy Strategy: When building a team, keep the spectators on the sidelines, and only sign those who want to actually play.