November 7, 2016

Getting stuck


When you’re on the path (which is a good thing), and you’re happy with the path you’re on (which is a great thing), and you’re not making progress (which is a bad thing), you’re stuck (which is a soluble thing).

The first step to dealing with the problem is naming the problem: we’re stuck in stuck-stuckiness.

The next … defining the real problem. Where are we stuck, what are we stuck on, what’s the cause?

The next … assuming you’ve already tried whatever you can think of …  get some help. Find someone (or more than one) who knows about this kind of gloop and is motivated to ease the flow.

Might be an advisor, investor, consultant or friend. Might be a customer, supplier, colleague or mentor.

There’s plenty of help out there, just as soon as you’ve worked out the issue.

Skippy strategy: Whenever you’re stuck, get help.