April 7, 2018

Give handrails


When someone new joins the team, they’re working in a fog.

Things close by – like what they’ve been told, the job description, the person they’re working with, their direct experience –  they see in sharp focus.

Everything else is increasingly blurry – like the interrelationships, the dependencies, who has game, who to trust, how to get things done, the clock speed, the work ethic, all the things that make up the way we do things around here when we don’t talk about how we do things around here. The standard operating procedures.

There’s a slow way for them to work it out … actually work it out, misstep by misstep.

Then there’s the faster way … with a handrail. The who and the how and the where and the when of the place. Your job: show them where to start, then little nudges in the right direction.

Skippy strategy: Give handrails to new starters.