May 18, 2017

Great comms


If I’m secretive, if I don’t or won’t tell you what I’m up to, if I deal with you strictly on the basis of need-to-know, if I tell you something’s in hand but give no indication of what’s actually happening to get it done, if I make you guess, if I keep you out of the loop … you either won’t like me, won’t trust me, or both.

Not good.

If I’m a member of your staff, that puts me on a short leash and, if you’re doing your job properly, an extremely short road.

Also not good.

The other way around – if I work for you, if you’re the boss, if you’re the secretive one? Same result. I’m on a short road to my next job. Is that what you want?

Great communications go both ways.

Skippy strategy: The secret of great management: great comms.