August 20, 2016

Growing pains


In a department, a division or a company, when things go well, you have to grow. More people doing more things means more complexity.

And that means growing pains.

Some of that is the intricacies of process – scaling something built for one into something that works for many involves more than blowing up the balloon. It’s not the same but bigger, it’s a whole different dirigible.

Harder still, more painful, more important – bringing the bigger team into the airship and journeying along together.

The success formula? Communication.

That’s … communicating with the team, within the team, between internal teams. All the time.

That’s not the same as it was when everyone knew everything because they were there. Now, it takes effort, and organisation, and commitment, and time, and repetition, and repetition, and overcoming your assumption that everyone knows everything already.

They don’t. And neither do you.

Skippy strategy: Talk everything through. Decide. Act.