April 22, 2022

Guessing game


When you bring someone new into a situation there’s always a bedding-in process where they have to find their feet and establish the parameters of their role. It can be a multi-headed guessing game as it’s not only them that’s looking for answers, it’s everyone around them too. Sometimes, explicitly or otherwise, it’s also an attempted reset – where everyone tries to create their own desired new normal, seeking advantage here or drawing back there.

The looser the brief, the fuzzier those parameters, the slower and more fractious the going.

So tighten the brief and clarify the role. Not just to them, but to every connected bone. Inside and outside.

That means getting the right people in the room and laying it out together. This role contributes this, this new person has these attributes, the priority is here and this is the success strategy.

Skippy strategy: Don’t leave anyone guessing.