May 27, 2017

Gut based

The one

Hiring new staff is the greatest joy of management. Bringing great people into the team, watching them flourish.

Finding them in the first place though, that’s the hard part.

Looking at histories … who knows?

What does this mean, what did they really do, were they the prime mover or the functionary, is there any substance behind that, why did they leave, what did they learn from that? Was it them or was it right place, right time? So ask.

Sometimes, when you meet them, you know straight away. This is the woman who’ll add the value, do the work, deliver the service, manage the team, knock our socks off. This is the fella with the design eye, the project chops, the command of code, the work ethic, the right stuff.

But if you meet them, and your gut is unsure, it’s a No.

Skippy strategy: Hiring is a human gut-based activity.