January 15, 2017

Hands on the wheel


Wouldn’t it be lovely if everybody just got on with it. By some magical force, coherent effort coalesces into a smooth project that travels from A to B without hesitation or deviation.

It’s possible, with talented, motivated people with no competing priorities and a clear goal that is only a short and simple step away.

Like that’s gonna happen!

There’s always something else, the goal is always further than you thought, the steps are always more complex and, lets face it, as soon as there’s more than one person involved … things always get complicated.

So, in the absence of magic, someone has to drive it.

Someone (or, hmm, a committee?) has to take on the task of putting hands on wheel and foot on gas, negotiating trouble in the curves, dealing with hazards, fighting distractions and keeping things moving in the go-lane.

Skippy strategy: Make sure there are hands on the wheel.