August 6, 2016

Hands up


We demand a lot.

Of ourselves and of everyone around us.

We expect everyone to push through, no matter what. Without the resources, or the training, or the time or the help of gatekeepers, we expect success.

Hands up … sometimes, it’s too much.

Sometimes, even with grit, it’s just not possible.

Science being what it is, physics can get in the way, at least for now. Regulations can red-tape us from the prize. Necessity may be the mother, father and cousin of invention, but cash constraints can be an un-bridgeable  chasm. The cold reality is a mountain of unscalable granite.

So we move on.

Sometimes though, the limiter is human.

Sometimes, even with grit, you or they may not have what it takes.

Hands up … sometimes, the leap is too great.

The game now is to find someone who can.

Skippy strategy: Deal in reality.