March 9, 2018

Hard help


It’s fun … to sit on the sofa throwing out meaningless no-impact comments as the world passes before you.

Less fun for every one else, but sport for you … to opine, to roll your eyes, to absolutely know the best route for the journey even though you’ve never taken it, y’know, y’r actual self. To live in a secure world of soft opinions, sharing them without testing them.

Much more difficult … to act on those thoughts.

To notice something that needs fixing and, instead of walking away or passing comment, put the steps in place make it right. To hire the project manager, to provide the resources, to edit the presentation, to find a new supplier, to clear space in the backlog, to set priorities accepting what that means, to tuck your knees under the table and get to work.

Skippy strategy: A continuum … from soft opinion, through useful feedback, to hard help.